We clarify the situation, the possibilities of change and the harmonious alignment.


We develop with you the structures and processes that are best for your organization and implement them.


We identify development opportunities and take care for productive energy.


We're doing hands-on training that has effective learning experiences for the right jumps.


We make potential visible with the help of our test procedures and advise on personnel decisions.

Friedrich Holz

Consultant, trainer, coach, founder and managing director of Holz Consulting GmbH

Michael Wulf

Consultant, trainer, coach, shareholder and managing director of Holz Consulting GmbH

Renate Schübele-Holz

Consultant, trainer, coach, shareholder and co-director at Holz Consulting GmbH

Andreas Rossig

Consultant, trainer and coach at Holz Consulting GmbH

Veronique Friedrich

Consultant, trainer and coach at Holz Consulting GmbH

Harald Schmid

Consultant and trainer at Holz Consulting GmbH

Sabine Drewes

Consultant, trainer and coach at Holz Consulting GmbH

Sabine Bernecker

Accountant at Holz Consulting GmbH

Sabine Hämmerle

Office manager at Holz Consulting GmbH

Angelika Wagner

Office manager at Holz Consulting GmbH

Bernard Azzi

Cooperation partner for process optimisation and strategy implementation at Holz Consulting GmbH

Dr. Monika Hubbard

Cooperation partner for corporate communications at Holz Consulting GmbH

Thomas Mahler

Cooperation partner for sales and strategy consulting at Holz Consulting GmbH


Purpose and benefit
People identify with goals that make them feel that they are doing something useful and are creating value. It is important to them that their personal interests and the interests of their organisation should overlap, so that both will benefit. We clarify expectations, conflicts and opportunities, thus reinforcing this identification.
The world is never all bad and even undesirable conditions provide interesting opportunities. The understandable response to negative situations is to reject them, to suffer from them or to fight against them. By continuing to look and endure tensions and contradictions, it becomes possible jointly to gain a new and more complete overview of the situation, thus developing your own strength to master the situation.
Recognising limits creates further opportunities. A framework initially provides ways and procedures - but each paradigm and every framework has its limits. Our work is mainly based on recognising, drawing attention to and creating frameworks to open up new routes and interesting opportunities.
The opportunities for change and development are the same for organisations and individuals. Potential is waiting to be realised. Opportunities as yet hidden may become decisive in the medium and long term. We see our strength in applying our tools to determine and activate the potential of the organisation, its executives and its staff.
When structures and systems are consistent and purposeful, it is noticeable. This consistence has an aesthetic quality and is energising. The complexity can be reduced to basic patterns. If those basic patterns are right, meaning is created: for individuals this is charisma and for organisations it is uniqueness. We want to define and reinforce these repeating patterns thus rendering them effective in actions, structures and procedures.
In living systems, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. It is the functional and meaningful relationship to the whole that creates something new: a living, efficient unit. We perceive a team as an organism with rational and emotional demands that we support in its development.
The entire strength and potential of a person can be developed when the uniqueness of that person is recognised and appreciated. We therefore focus on what makes individuals special: on their motives, their particular quirks and special talents - and we help people to make use of these talents.
Our individual experience of reality can be conveyed by open communication that ideally conveys every single fact and emotion. The image of that reality thus becomes three-dimensional; it can be developed, while animated communication energises everyone involved. We provide nudges, impulses and positive provocation.
Ideologies, the exclusion of certain topics and taking a narrow perspective on the facts are nonsensical and risky if the goal is to render experiences visible and communicable. We therefore do not support a doctrine, a patent recipe or patent system, but work with rational and emotional "maps" that are easily grasped and can be verified by your personal experience.
We place high emphasis on naming problems and speaking plainly. We regard it as our task to render critical issues visible. We stand up for our views and make it clear how we feel. Our goal is to be an appreciated and inspiring sparring partner for organisational and personal development projects.

Core Competence


  • We design projects in strategic, organisational and personal development, where the dynamics are based on the forces of interlinked and consistent elements.
  • Based on potential analyses, we run team coaching, individual coaching and individual training activities.
  • We have coordinated staff and organisational development products.
  • We make use of the complementary views of our consultants to provide high-level, undogmatic collaboration.
  • We achieve a material, sustainable benefit through constructive and inspiring discussions with our customers.
  • We have over 25 years of experience in collaborating with organisations in industry, banking, trade, public administration and the non-profit sector.
  • We plan and implement your development projects.

23. - 24.09.2021
Unbequeme Führungsaufgaben meistern
TAE Seminar
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18. - 20.10.2021
Kommunikations- und Führungsverhalten
IHK Akademie München und Oberbayern gGmbH
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30.09.2021 - 11.03.2022
Coachingtechniken für Führungskräfte 2021/2022
Schlüsselmethoden für die persönliche Führungspraxis
RKW Lehrgang
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16.09.2021 - 07.12.2021
Entwicklung von Nachwuchsführungskräften
TAE Zertifikats-Lehrgang
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